Bellis Vintage

Les Trois Graces - Elegance, Beauty and Style - always timeless and always understated. My philosophy for a sophisticated and refined way of living. My aim - to bring these Graces and a touch of old world taste, etiquette, romance and discreet glamour to modern living. Combine this with French nonchalance and Italian bella figura. "Having class - it's not half the battle - it's the whole war."

Don’t waste energy defending who you are. Your life is just as valid as anyone else. And your journey is no-one else’s but your own.

"I have a theory that there is something in the Italian landscape which inclines even the most stolid nature to romance."

A classic - Room with a View

The downfall of affluence is flabbiness. A laziness in affording every new fad. Style on the other hand is refinement and requires much more self discipline.